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Launch a Memory Wells Collection

Launch a Memory Wells-next-the-Sea Keepsakes

You can now purchase a lifesaving keepsake to commemorate the special person you've remembered on the Wells-next-the-Sea Shannon class lifeboat. These keepsakes are a great way to keep the memory of the person you miss close to home.

Design-wise, you can choose the individual letter or number that your loved one's name is in or the full lifeboat decal.

To locate your loved one's name on the Wells-next-the-Sea lifeboat please visit

Please note that the Port and Starboard sides will have different names on.

30% of the profit of sales will go into the RNLI general funds. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will see your loved one's name in every image or product as the writing may be too small (as a guide, names on individual letter products with an image size of A4 (210x297mm) or above should be legible). But their name will be in there, along with the names of others who are fondly remembered every day - and whose memory will launch to the rescue every time Wells lifeboat crew are needed at sea.

Choose a picture from our Launch a Memory Wells Collection for your Wall Art and Photo Gifts

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